5G Opens up new experience

MOOV 24 bit Music Service

Enjoy the Hong Kong’s first 24 bit lossless streaming music by MOOV. MOOV provides 24 bit high resolution sound quality, Studio Master version and Upsampled version. Music lovers will enjoy auditory HiFi experience reaching the professional studio sound quality.

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csl. 5G VR App

Viewers may enjoy immersive Virtual Reality (VR) K-Pop Music shows performed by Korean Pop singers and bands, in a joint collaboration among HKT, PCCW Media and its global strategic partner LG U+ from Korea.

csl.5G Lens

Users are able to experience a different world by utilizing AR (Augmented Reality) technology, including various demonstrations of AR visual effects over well-known Hong Kong landmarks. Users can also receive offers and information from our exclusive partners in real-time.

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csl. 5G VR eSports

Here’s a new way of playing mobile games.Equip yourself with our VR device and enter the fascinating world of virtual reality gaming.

VIVEPORT Infinity Annual
subscription service

Now E Premier League and LaLiga 2020/21 4k Season Pass

Football fans may watch exclusive live coverage of Premier League and LaLiga with selected matches broadcast in 4K streaming quality.

5G will enhance internet efficiency unprecedentedly, cut down any gap between people and the Internet of Things (IoT), and open up vast possibilities and opportunities.

We will soon rollout 5G services to bring about breakthrough in business, sports and entertainments. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy sports and all-round entertainment whenever and wherever they like. Get set for the brand-new experience like no other!

More 5G application

Business Activities

Hologram Presentation

Higher speed and lower latency, along with other 5G attributes, will make audio-visual communication possible between two hologram images, as if talking face to face.

Sports Events

Augmented reality (AR) - personal trainer

Take a fitness training class with augmented reality (AR) technology to get instant instructions and feedback from your trainers.

Visual Entertainments

CSL Mobile limited (“CSL”) does not endorse nor guarantee third-party applications. Such applications offered by third parties are not CSL products and their use depends on compatibility of programs, products and service provision. Not all applications are available from CSL.